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I'm René. A passionate designer from Germany.

My Personality

My Personality

I'm René, 22 years old and currently live in Bavaria, Germany. I grew up with a huge passion for motorsport and videogames and eventually ventured into graphical design. It all started with creating graphics for racing-simulation games and the more i used Photoshop and other programs, the more i fell in love with them. Now, a few years later, i mainly create UI, as well as UX content. From helping out friends in the scene, to customers and companies, if you want to talk to me, go ahead!

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Create something you enjoy

One of my most loved quotes is to create something you truly enjoy. A main criteria for me is to find myself identifying with the project i am currently working on. I am a very passionate person and always give 100% in everything i am involved in, even outside of any work related projects. I love to discuss all kinds of topics and am very open towards everything.

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